About Us

Beloin Evergreens farm is a family owned and operated business that started in 1948. The Beloin family moved to Colebrook NH from East Hereford Quebec, Canada, and bought a 520 acre dairy farm. Farming and logging were the primary operations with Christmas Trees as a sideline. The cows are long gone now, having been sold in 1982. Since then, all of the focus has been on growing Christmas trees.

Beloin Evergreens farm now has over 250 acres of Christmas Trees in various stages of production.  Mostly it is Balsam Fir with about 50 acres in Fraser Fir. A few acres have been planted in Canaan Fir, Blue Spruce, Korean Fir, and some Blue Myeri Spruce to give variety our choose and cut and retail clients.   Our wholesale trees are graded as Premium No.1, and Premium No.2’s. We are currently harvesting approximately 10,000 trees per year, and increasing steadily.  At full production we expect to reach 15,000 trees per year and maintain it for years to come.

All trees are tagged by grade prior to harvest, and graded individually before they go through the baling machine process.  All trees are separated by size, species, and grade in our central yard for your convenience. You may arrange for pick up or we can arranged to have them shipped to you.

For wholesale and retail questions, please contact us.


Jared trying out the fun Christmas farm display.

Christmas Joy

Little kiss on the cheek from a happy customer!

Ronnie shearing

July and August all trees are hand sheared

Blue Spruce

Beautiful Blue Spruce Christmas trees


Balsam Christmas tree on a rock

Fir Trees

Rows of Christmas Fir trees


Tree trunk has cut and trimmed, ready for bailing.