Wholesale Trees

Beloin Evergreens carries three grades of Balsam Fir trees available for wholesale which are available for shipping throughout the East Coast. We sell large orders to city and large suburban tree markets, and smaller orders are available for fundraising events. While we are sure our trees are what you are looking for in a classic Christmas tree, we welcome you to come inspect our trees to make sure they meet your satisfaction. For trees shipped out of the region, please note that all our trees are inspected and issued a phytosanitary certificate by the Department of Agriculture.


Danny trimming the trunk


Getting trees ready for shipping.


Ready to be loaded and shipped out

Harvested Christmas Trees

Christmas trees, harvested and ready to ship.


Christmas trees are sorted for wholesale orders

Moving Trees

Farm tractor hauling Christmas trees in from the field


Balsam Fir Christmas tree on a rock.

Blue Spruce

Trimmed up Blue Spruce Christmas tree

Balsam Fir Trees

Rows of Christmas Balsam Fir trees

Balsam Fir Trees

Rows of Balsam Christmas trees

Tagged Tree

Premium Balsam Fir Christmas tree